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Journalist: types: rights: responsibilities and their skills

Journalist: a person who is engaged in the collection, creation, editing, preparation and execution of information for the editors of a mass media, related to it with labor or other contractual relations. There are many sites to Find a Journalist. Types of journalists Here are three types of journalists. Environmental journalist This type of journalist isContinue reading “Journalist: types: rights: responsibilities and their skills”

What is the Media and what are its benefits?

The Media Information fulfill the social function related to the exchange of information, knowledge and reflections on human life and events, beyond their immediate and immediate surroundings. They are also the means used to develop the right to freedom of expression, a fundamental right included in the legislation.  Its mission is to broadcast interesting facts,Continue reading “What is the Media and what are its benefits?”

Introduction of Journalists and its role in society

Journalists are people who are dedicated to journalism, in any of their Art Journalism, whether in the written press, radio, television or digital media. His job is to discover and investigate topics of public interest, contrast them, combine them, rank them and publish them. For this, it relies on reliable and verifiable journalistic sources. ThusContinue reading “Introduction of Journalists and its role in society”