Journalist: types: rights: responsibilities and their skills

Journalist: a person who is engaged in the collection, creation, editing, preparation and execution of information for the editors of a mass media, related to it with labor or other contractual relations. There are many sites to Find a Journalist.


Types of journalists

Here are three types of journalists.

  1. Environmental journalist

This type of journalist is that who is responsible for issues that relate between man and his natural environment. It includes information regarding the agricultural, livestock, meteorological, and social, economic, political aspects of what has to do with the environment. Ecological research and dissemination to protect the planet.

  1. Digital journalist

It is one whose main means for research, development and, above all, the dissemination of information is cyberspace, with the Internet as the main exponent. Its function is to make complex information simplified and understandable by providing hyperlinks and multimedia resources for better user understanding.

  1. Scientific journalist

Scientific journalism is the journalistic profession related to science, technology, innovation, health, environment, computer science, archeology, astronomy, space exploration and other research activities. For some it is different from scientific broadcasting, although there is certainly a debate regarding the definition of both terms.

Rights of a journalist

Free receipt, use, distribution (publication) and storage of information

  • A visit to state authorities, local and regional self-government bodies, enterprises, institutions and organizations, the right to be accepted by their officials
  • Openly make notes, including using any technical means, with the exception of cases provided for by law
  • Free access to statistical data, archival, library and museum funds; restrictions on this access are determined only by the specifics of the values and the special conditions for their preservation.
  • Advantages of obtaining information open by access mode
  • Complimentary request for access to official documents
  • Upon presentation of an editorial certificate or other document that certifies its affiliation with the print media, be in the area of natural disaster and in territories where a state of emergency is declared
  • Contact Georgia Media specialists when checking received information materials
  • Distribute messages and materials prepared by him under his own signature, under a pseudonym or anonymously
  • Refuse to publish the material under his own signature if its content after editorial editing contradicts the personal convictions of the author
  • To maintain confidentiality of authorship and sources of information, except when these secrets are made public at the request of the court.

Journalist Responsibilities

  • Submit objective and reliable information for publication
  • To satisfy the request of persons who provide information regarding their authorship or maintaining confidentiality of authorship
  • Refuse the order of the editor (editor-in-chief) or the editorial office if it cannot be executed without violating the law
  • Present an editorial certificate or other document proving its affiliation with the print media.
  • Refrain from distributing for commercial purposes information materials containing advertising information about the details of the manufacturer of the product or service.

Necessary skills and knowledge

  • The ability to work with Media Information(find, analyze, highlight the essence, compare facts, etc.).
  • Skills of working with equipment (video camera, camera, recorder, laptop).
  • Ability to speak and write competently.

Knowledge of Art Journalism laws and journalistic ethics.

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