What is the Media and what are its benefits?

The Media Information fulfill the social function related to the exchange of information, knowledge and reflections on human life and events, beyond their immediate and immediate surroundings. They are also the means used to develop the right to freedom of expression, a fundamental right included in the legislation.  Its mission is to broadcast interesting facts, news and events that, due to their direct or symbolic impact, affect a certain social group. However, from the point of view of the exchange and broadcasting of information, the Internet reaches an huge capacity for communication, as shown by the millions of exchanges of information made daily by network users located anywhere in the world.

8 Advantages of the Media

1- Remote communication

The most obvious advantage of the Media info is that they facilitate remote communication.

Thanks to electronic devices (phones, computers, tablets, among others) it is possible to talk in real time with people who are not in the same country.

2- They are immediate

In the past, there were electronic devices; remote communication was done through postal mail.


A lot of time could pass between the issuance of the letter and the reception of an answer, which made the communication not particularly effective. However, thanks to the advances in communication today, remote interaction can be immediate. There are different types of platforms that make this type of communication possible. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter and applications like WhatsApp are some examples of these.

3- Distance study

Distance study is defined as the acquisition of knowledge and skills through Media Info Online and instruction. Previously, distance courses could be taken by correspondence. However, the process could be boring due to slow mail. At present, information and communication technologies have superior distance study. In this way, students can study at home.

4- Globalization

The media have increased the globalization process. Distance communication has not only made countries closer culturally, but has also allowed the world economy to be unified in some way.

5- They are cheap

Once they have been developed, the media are economical for its users.

For example, email and social networks have no additional costs in addition to paying for the internet service. In any case, sending an email from Mexico to China is much cheaper than making a phone call.

6- Reduce the cultural gap

In addition to allowing the exchange of information quickly and efficiently, the media have helped eliminate linguistic, cultural and geographical barriers between different nations.

For example, these means allow people belonging to different countries and cultures to come to exchange ideas and get to know each other’s culture better. By doing this, the prejudices that could be had regarding a society are reduced.

7- Advertising

The media is a way of promoting services and products. In this sense, they constitute an advantage in the area of advertising and marketing.

8- Mass dissemination of information

Many media outlets are massive, such as radio, television and the newspaper. In this sense, they allow the dissemination of information quickly and effectively, reaching a large part of the population.


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