Introduction of Journalists and its role in society

Journalists are people who are dedicated to journalism, in any of their Art Journalism, whether in the written press, radio, television or digital media. His job is to discover and investigate topics of public interest, contrast them, combine them, rank them and publish them. For this, it relies on reliable and verifiable journalistic sources. Thus he elaborates his articles, which can take several forms for dissemination: oral, written, visual. In general, it is considered a good journalist who gets relevant, brief and accurate information in the shortest possible time.

With the digital revolution, three types of journalism have emerged: traditional journalism, participatory journalism and citizen journalism.  It is used by Art Journalism that ask citizens to share with the media news that occurs in their environment with audio reports, photos or videos

There are different types of journalism: tourist, war, Algeria Media, infographics, Agricultural Journalism and preventive journalism.




  1. Journalism

This branch of journalism tends to inform about the actions related to the superstructures, the plant and the tourist infrastructure. It also seeks to produce a new style to position. The tourism products of a region through the mass media, thus making an important contribution from the broadcasting and promotion of scientific and cultural events and events that generate the birth and movement of currents.

  1. War journalism

This is one of the most dangerous specialties of the profession, since it requires covering news that occurs during conflict war. This implies that journalists sent to perform this mission have put at serious risk your life or integrity physical. Many reporters have lost their lives in carrying out this work.

  1. Infographics journalism

Infographics journalism is one that combines visual and textual elements. It’s most specific application in principle served to place maps, Media Info Online, and graphics. In the digital media, computer graphics acquires other characteristics: interactivity, the possibility of animation, text display, incorporating sound and image in movement, etc.

  1. Preventive journalism

Preventive journalism is a journalistic discipline that aims to analyze crises and conflicts from an integral point of view, from its origins to its outbreak and subsequent repercussions. The preventive Russian News Media approach also seeks to give greater media relevance to those actors who propose solutions to crises.

  1. Interpretive Journalism 

This journalistic genre is the last known to the public light. Seeks to clarify the meaning of apparently scattered news his eagerness is to show the auditor the secret harmony of the facts. Give him the clue as to why things happened and not simply describe what things happened.

The benefits of being journalism professional

A journalist is cataloged for being precise, honest, impartial and investigative in everything related to social information situations. It is worth mentioning that the journalist investigates, asks and establishes interpersonal relationships with people and always goes in search of the truth.

When you are a student of journalism at the University where you teach, give advice and explain everything that a person must gather to be a good journalism professional among them:

  • To be disciplined
  • Investigative
  • Polite
  • Ability to relate
  • Editor
  • Constant
  • Reader
  • Brave
  • Impartial
  • Fair

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